Nokia X / Normandy release date, news and rumors


Nokia Normandy release date and price

Most Nokia X rumors are currently highlighting MWC 2014 in Barcelona as the platform for the Nokia Android smartphone to make its international appearance.

Nokia already has a press conference confirmed for February 24, and all eyes will be on the Finnish firm to see if the Android Normandy handset does indeed exist.

It’s not clear when, or even if, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Nokia Normandy, as its low-end credentials means it could be destined for emerging markets only – skipping the likes of the UK, US and Australia.

With low-end specs comes an equally low-end price, so you can expect the Nokia X to be a pretty affordable – if hard to come by – Android device.

Nokia Normandy operating system

The signal biggest feature on the Nokia X will be its operating system. Nokia is heavily invested in the Windows Phone platform for its Lumia range, while its Asha devices run its own, in-house Asha OS.

The Nokia Normandy isn’t expected to run either of these, instead opting for Google’s Android operating system – albeit a hugely modified version.


The most detailed screenshots to date however come via @evleaks, and show what appears to be a long, vertical, scrollable homescreen made up of various live-tile esque boxes and application icons.

Some of the apps which appear in these screens (e.g. BBM and Plants vs. Zombies 2) are not currently available on the Windows Phone store, but do exist on Google Play, once again pointing towards an Android influence for the Nokia X.



Nokia Normandy Listed (and removed) as Nokia X A110 for $110 in Vietnam


According to the listing (which originally appeared here, but has now disappeared), Nokia X A110 (which is supposed to be the model number, if the listing is to be believed) is priced at 2.2-2.5 million VND. Thankfully, a million Vietnamese Dong doesn’t translate to a million dollar but only $110 (~INR 7k).


Given the low-end specs of the phone and that Nokia might be aiming for the masses with this phone, we won’t be surprised if the Normandy is priced that low. If Nokia launches this phone for anywhere around that price tag, it would certainly ring a death bell for local players like Micromax and Karbonn as well as to Samsung’s low cost offerings in India. Nokia X could be specifically targeted for Asian markets as the low -end specs already indicate. Also, all the Nokia X snapshots we have come across so far contain Indian names in the contacts and calling screen. These screenshots might actually be the Indian press renders of the Nokia X.

according to WSJ, Nokia X will be unveiled on Feb 24th.

If you are unaware of the specs of Nokia X, here we go, yet again:

  • 4 inch QWVGA Display (480×854 pixels)
  • 1 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Forked Android 4.4 KitKat (Support for Play Store expectedly missing)
  • 5 MP Primary camera
  • Dual SIM Support

WSJ: An Android-Powered Nokia Phone Clad In Windows Phone Clothing Coming Later This Month


Rumours that primary Windows Phone OEM Nokia has been two-timing Microsoft by keeping an Android phone project on its backburner have been doing the rounds for a while now (aka the rumoured Nokia Normandy device). But yesterday the Wall Street Journal tipped more fuel on this fire, citing “people familiar with the matter” confirming that Nokia will unveil an Android powered device at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona later this month.

Now there’s plenty of WTF here. Not least because Nokia is about to hand over its mobile making division to Windows Phone maker Microsoft in exchange for a substantial pile of cash (€5.44 billion/$7.2 billion). So why would Microsoft, which has its own mobile platform, sanction its soon to be mobile making division to build an Android-powered device?



It’s not clear whether the Normandy Android landing is a stop-gap strategy while Microsoft retools Windows Phone for even lower prices smartphones. But the WSJ says Microsoft will be refocusing WP attention on flagship smartphones, to better compete at the higher end. (Yeah, good luck with that…)

At its earning call last month, Nokia — the only substantial Windows Phone OEM (controlling 90% of the market according to AdDuplex) — revealed it sold a total of just 30 million Lumia devices during in the whole of 2013.

WSJ: Nokia will release its first Android device this month

WSJ: Nokia will release its first Android device this month

According to The Wall Street Journal, Nokia will release its first Android smartphone this month. Known as Nokia Normandy, the low-cost handset will reportedly be showcased during MWC in Barcelona.

According to WSJ’s sources, Nokia was hard at work on the device while Microsoft was performing due diligence prior to its acquisition of the Finnish company. The smartphone will allegedly go official as Nokia X.

Unsurprisingly, the smartphone is tipped to launch without Google Play support, similarly to Amazon’s Kindle products. Instead, it will be focused on services provided by Microsoft and Nokia. In line with recent leaks, the UI of the upcoming smartphone is also said to be closely related to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.

Rumored specs of the Nokia X include dual-core Snapdragon 200 SoC, dual-SIM, 4” WVGA display, 4GB of built-in memory, and 512MB of RAM. The handset will reportedly be priced in line with Nokia Asha devices.

Nokia Normandy is reportedly a low-cost Android phone

Nokia Normandy is reportedly a low-cost Android phone

According to a report, Nokia Normandy is an Android handset. Known internally under several different codenames, the device is said to be developed as an equivalent to the low-cost Nokia Asha range.

The Nokia Normandy allegedly runs heavily modified Android version – much like in the case of the Amazon Kindle Fire range. The OS will allow the handset to run popular Android apps, thus addressing a major shortcoming of the current Nokia Asha lineup.

The Nokia Normandy development is described as going at “full steam ahead”. The handset is reportedly planned for a release in 2014. However, with Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices & services units all but completed, we are yet to find out what the Redmond giant’s plans for the Normandy are.