Nokia X / Normandy release date, news and rumors


Nokia Normandy release date and price

Most Nokia X rumors are currently highlighting MWC 2014 in Barcelona as the platform for the Nokia Android smartphone to make its international appearance.

Nokia already has a press conference confirmed for February 24, and all eyes will be on the Finnish firm to see if the Android Normandy handset does indeed exist.

It’s not clear when, or even if, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Nokia Normandy, as its low-end credentials means it could be destined for emerging markets only – skipping the likes of the UK, US and Australia.

With low-end specs comes an equally low-end price, so you can expect the Nokia X to be a pretty affordable – if hard to come by – Android device.

Nokia Normandy operating system

The signal biggest feature on the Nokia X will be its operating system. Nokia is heavily invested in the Windows Phone platform for its Lumia range, while its Asha devices run its own, in-house Asha OS.

The Nokia Normandy isn’t expected to run either of these, instead opting for Google’s Android operating system – albeit a hugely modified version.


The most detailed screenshots to date however come via @evleaks, and show what appears to be a long, vertical, scrollable homescreen made up of various live-tile esque boxes and application icons.

Some of the apps which appear in these screens (e.g. BBM and Plants vs. Zombies 2) are not currently available on the Windows Phone store, but do exist on Google Play, once again pointing towards an Android influence for the Nokia X.



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